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Interview on the radio show “Sandy Rios in the Morning” 7/15/16

Interview with Mrs. Sam Sorbo, author of the book “They’re Your Kids” an inspirational journey from self-doubter to home school advocate. 


On 7/15/16, Sandy Rios and Mrs. Sam Sorbo set down to talk about the benefits of home schooling and the pitfalls of Common Core. Mrs. Srobo points out that an education system that was ranked number one in the world and able to produce the people who were able to find a way to send a man to the moon, is now a schools system that is lagging behind the rest of the world ranking 36 in the world.

At the time of its introduction, Common Core became the 9th education reform program in 29 years. Since then every test that exposed Common Core shows that the schools are failing in educating our kids. No testing has been able to show that Common Core is working. The result of “outcome base education” seems to be working in reverse. Instead of providing a stronger education, we are seeing some of what was considered the basics of education, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and cursive writing, to be dropped off of the curriculum.  Common Core only teaches the student to regurgitate what they are fed. This result leads to many not being prepared for the day when they do go out into the world. Sam Sorbo stated that now you can be denied to see the test that your child is having to take, and that many of the test are computerized were you will not be able to see the test. Instead of the parent having authority over the child, the school authority is supreme. You can go on line to see what Common Core has to say about their program on their own website, but you will not be able to see everything on the Common Core website that they are hiding from you.


In reference to home schooling, Sorbo stated that she understands why many don’t feel that they would be able to do home schooling themselves. The school system will tell you that you are inadequate to teach your own child. Considering that it was your education system that we graduated from, this statement would be a bit self-discrediting of itself. If we are unable to teach our own kids then why would we want to put our kids through the same public school system that taught us? Sam Sorbo was not always an advocate for home schooling but the turning point for Sam came when after having been working very closely with her sons 2nd grade school teacher as a volunteer; she never heard anything about the book reports that her son had been turning in. One day when she asked about his grades on the book reports, the teacher said that they were not good. Sam’s question then was why the teacher didn’t let her know that her son was doing so badly and why did she have to ask to find out? Home schooling is a viable option in many ways. One is the teaching and raising of your child in learning manners and how to act in public. Many of the bad habits that kids often pick up come from others in their class room. Sometimes a wedge can be formed between the child and the parents. Today with political correctness and the progressive movement infiltrating the education system, the schools can sometimes stand between the parents and the child causing the parent authority to be undermined.  Sandy recalled a moment when her son was in high school; she went to withdraw her son from class and was told that she could not see him. At times she would learn from her son things that the students were not supposed to tell the parents.

Home schooling is teaching in a more classical way and you are not only covering all the courses you feel are important, you are teaching the student to teach themselves. Once they have learned to teach themselves, then they can do whatever they set their minds to. Many parents say that they don’t have the time to home school. If you add up all of the time spent in-between classes’, reses, and in other areas, you will see that public schools waist a lot of time. With one child you can cover in 3hrs what takes the public schools 7 hrs. to do. Mrs. Sorbo states that there are other options available to us besides public schooling, but that she feels the home schooling is the best of those options.

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