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Inside the Trojan Horse Called Common Core


David Colman is the creator of Common core, and is now the president of the AP College Board.

Where Common Core is about English and math. All other subjects are covered by the AP College Board which creates all the AP college placement exams.

The AP board use to hand out a 5 page handout stating as long as you cover the Jacksonian period, the Nixon period and a few other areas, the teacher could teach the class any why they would like. Now the board has sent out a very directive of 70 to 80 pages set of guidelines that cause teachers to teach in a leftist revisionist way. Colman and the AP board is doing this with every AP course, and when completed, they will have fully taken over the national educational system, giving Common Core control of the English and math, and the AP board control of all other classes. All by avoiding the democratic process, Colman and his gang will have nationalized our entire national school curriculum.  

In today’s progressive education of today, the story of our countries exceptionalism is lost and replaced with Tran’s nationalism, stating that focusing too much on America’s patriotism and accomplishments could lead us into war. So they want to place our focus on the globe or internationalism. The traditional American story gets lost and replaced with nationalism. In the 1990’s George Bush thought it would be a good idea to set national educational standard for our schools. Len Cheney head of the National Endowment for Humanities created the National History Standards which seemed like a good idea at the time. As things got underway, many progressive college professors got involved and what we ended up with is a politically correct, hyper revisionist version of American History. When Lynne Chania saw the results of the final outcome of the program, she decided to fight this. She was quite successful in getting the AP Board to revise the lesson, but even though the program was revised, the under lining message managed to remain. Now with the colleges leaning to the progressive gender, race, class equality approach to teaching history, (Which undercuts the traditional story of American history and down plays it) are using the AP Board to impose their way of thinking on all High Schools teachers, so that they cannot escape the progressive way of teaching the American story of the progressive left. Later Lynne Cheney stated in the Wall Street Journal that what she learned from this experience was that using national standard in education will come back to bight us in the end, because the teaching is going to be controlled by one or the other political side.

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