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The Basics of Education

I watched a video that took place on the campus of one of our major universities. The question being asked to the students of the university was "who won the American Civil War?" The answers were shocking. The answer given by most of the students was "I have no idea." A few answered "the Confederates, or the South." One student when asked the question jumped back in surprise and said "What Civil War, you mean the Civil War of 1965?"

My thoughts were how could one complete 12 full years of schooling and be so unaware about the basic knowledge of our nation's history? Now a new generation has started looking in other directions and looking for answers in areas that are foreign to our system and background. Who would have ever thought that a Socialist could run for the office of President of the United States and have a chance to win? A lack of knowledge leads to a lack of understanding and appreciation. When the goals of education to teach and educate is replaced with a political agenda, the student is the first to suffer, and the second is society.

Abraham Lincoln:  The philosophies of one generation, becomes the laws of the next.

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