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Western Civilization

Is it any wonder why our younger generation is favoring socialism today? If nobody is teaching Western Civilization, it is no mystery at all. In the 1980’s, our universities decided upon themselves to stop teaching Western Civilization as a required course for graduation. Not only did they stop making it a required course, they slowly stopped teaching the subject all together. We are today starting to see the results of this terrible decision. Today many of the younger generation has no understanding of the bases of our culture, nor can they even define what the American culture is. Although this decision to not teach Western Civilization has not prevented the universities from teaching their students how to hate and despise Western Civ, and capitalism, they have also succeeded in preventing them from learning about how the Western Civilization has advanced the world more than any other society, brought more prosperity, better living conditions, and lead the way in areas such as stopping slavery.

Currently some concerned students at Stanford University have addressed their concerns about the failure of the universities in seeing the importance of teaching Western Civilization. The University has agreed to allow a campus election for the student to vote in or out the future of teaching Western Civilization on the campus of Stanford University.

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