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What's the Goal of Common Core

From the radio show “understanding the times” with Jan Markell

Interview between Jan Markell and Author David Fiorazo on 1/9/16


Jan Markell, host of radio show Understanding the Times, interviewed David Fiorazo, author of the book “The Coast of Silence.” Both dove right into what is behind the dark curtain of Common Core, why all the secrecy, what is its main goal, and why are teachers so upset about it.

Just like the Presidents Health Care program that was forced onto the American citizens without the opportunity to see the details of the program, Common Core was forced into action with even less transparency and even more secrecy. Common Core has now been implemented in our schools for six years now and still today, people still do not understand Common Core, but surveys are showing that the more people learn about Common Core, the more they do not like it.

When the creator of Common Core, David Coleman created this educational program, Mr. Colman never felt the need to consult with anyone involved in education as to what would help, not help, improve, or not improve the education of our young people. This is just part of what has teachers so upset in the Common Core program.  The teachers were not consulted by anyone associated in the implementation of the Common Core program. Currently the NEA, New York Teachers Union, and several other Teacher Unions across the country have voiced their disapproval in Common Core. The individual states were not given any information on what Common Core contained. So why do the states continue to use the Common Core program. This is where the federal government has each state over a barrel. If the state refuses to use the Common Core program, then the Federal Government will withhold the states federal funding and the state loses millions of dollars.

Of course Common Core is aiming to control all areas of education. The public school, private school, charter, home school. If Common Core is able to infiltrate and control the teaching of a Christian school, then a Christion school that is being told what to teach and what not to teach is not necessarily a Christion school anymore. If that is the case then what is the point of going to a Christion school? The testing for the GED has just recently been adjusted to align with the Common Core program, and colleges are also doing some adjusting as well.

One of the most damaging effects of Common Core is that Common Core is not looking for students to excel in their studies. Common Core is not educating the students but instead training them in problem solving. According to Common Core, Problem solving is more important than knowledge. What to think instead of how to think. The results of this approach are that students who were excelling in math and enjoying and excited about math are now not only not excelling as well in math, they are not even enjoying or even interested in math. They are confused as to why they now have to draw pictures in a math class. Because of the Common Core approach to teaching math, parents today are no longer able to help their children who are struggling in math. Parents who have a background in math are unable to make heads nor tails out of what it is that Common Core is asking for in its problems.

The bottom line is that this is a continued spiraling downward of our countries education. Today’s students will not be receiving the truth or the knowledge that our school system should be providing.

The Continues stream of government programs has shown us time and time again that one size does not fit all, and never fits into a free society. It only seems to fit into a socialist funded government.

Vladimir Lennon stated “Give me four years to teach the children and the seeds I have sown will never be uprooted.”

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