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Favorite Books of History

Here are just a few of the books that I have read on the topic of history that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would definitely give these two thumbs up.

1. Citizen Soldiers, by Stephen E. Ambrose:  The real story of WWII from the perspective of the men and women who fought it. 

2. Six Frigates, by Ian W. Toll:  A great story of the beginning of the U.S. Navy.

3. D-Day June 6, 1944, by Stephen E, Ambrose:  The total story of the WWII D-Day landing from planning, to implementing and accomplishing the task.

4. On Hallowed Ground, by Robert M Poole:   The story and history of Arlington National Cemetery.

5. The Pacific Campaign, by Dan van der Vat:  The U.S. - Japanese naval war of 1941 - 1945. 

6. Pegasus Bridge, by Stephen E. Ambrose:   A small British airborne detachment drops into France, the night before D-Day to capture a German held bridge.

7, Confessions of a Spy, by Pete Earley:  The story of Aldrich Ames, American spy for cold war Russia.

8. Takedown,  by Paul Kengor:  From communists to progressives, how the left has sabotaged family and marriage.

9. SGT. Reckless, Americas War Horse: An amazing story of a horse that served with the 5th Marines during the Korean War. The courage of a horse, and it's dedication to the men of the 5th Marines, and the men's love for the horse.