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Letters From Mr. J B Fact Finder - Short stories on the topic of historic trivia

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Mr. J B Fact Finder tackles topics both popular and obscure in this treasure trove of facts and trivia that’s perfect for traveling, classroom instruction, or simply satisfying your curiosity. Written as a series weekly letters, this isn’t the typical trivia book: J B’s short stories make history come alive. You’ll find the answers to questions such as:

  • What famous person loved to ride his bicycle but had so little faith in the brakes that whenever he wanted to stop, he’d always drag his feet?
  • What famous person died in 1849 but had so little money that he couldn’t be buried until 1858?
  • When Mozart said, “Watch this lad. One day he will force the world to talk about him”—whom was he talking about?
  • What do Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple all have in common?

Whether you want to learn about industry, important moments in history, how certain holidays were started or out-of-the-ordinary topics, you’ll discover truths that will impress even the smartest of your friends in Letters from Mr. J B Fact Finder.


*  "Fun facts, fun to read."

*  "Great for trivia buffs or people who want a quick history lesson..Each topic is written as a weekly letter, sent to you by Mr. J B Fact Finder who opens our eyes to stories that will make you stop, think, be surprised and amazed.. good book worth a read."

*  "This book is hilarious and educational! The book is interesting and No foul language, which is very refreshing."

*  "Fun to read with great information. Well thought out."

*  "Anyone interested in History Trivia will find the book a Good Read."


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