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That burp you just heard was not indigestion. That was the sound of freshness when you burp the lid of a Tupperware container. A wonderful item developed by Earl Tupper who worked at DuPont Chemical where he used leftover pieces of plastic to mold non-breakable containers. Now thanks to Earl the world is just a little fresher, and everyone is eating more leftovers. Thanks Earl!

           The Tupperware Company was founded in 1938 and introduced to stores in 1946. The first Tupperware party was in 1948. In 1951 Tupperware was taken off store shelves and sold strictly through Tupperware parties.


           The airtight seal was inspired by the paint can.


           In front of the headquarters in Orlando, Florida you can see the “Fountain of Friendship” which was a gift from the Tupperware office of Australia/New Zealand. The “Fountain of Friendship” is also used as the logo for Tupperware Brands.


           Germany is the largest consumer of Tupperware, followed by USA, France, Mexico, and then Russia.


           Mr. Tupper was able to sell the company for approximately sixteen million dollars and retire for life.


           Brownie Wise, a sales rep for Tupperware had become somewhat of a celebrity with the press. After years of sales success, when it was implied that she was responsible for Tupperware's success, Mr. Tupper fired her in 1958. He sold his business to Justin Dart of Rexall Drug Company for $16 million. He got divorced and purchased an island in Central America so he didn't have to pay taxes.


So there you have it. It’s true that Tupperware containers are very handy but have you ever tried storing the thing in the cabinet when not in use? Holly cow what a mess. The guy who can show the world how to store these items conveniently and find the right lid when you need it will be the next millionaire. See you, got to go work on my business plan.


It’s all about finding the lid,

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