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Joe W Boyd

Joe W. Boyd born and raised in Texas, and loves history and fully enjoys trivia. Joe says that trivia is the fun side of history, full of fascinating things that usually get over looked. He believes that if history teachers were to add a little trivia in the class, more students would become even more interested in history. “Letters from Mr. JB Fact Finder” started as an e-mail sent out once a week. Request to be added to the e-mail list kept growing, and the list of stories grew to become a book that would later become a finalist at the 2020 IAN book competition.


A look at moments in history, and some of the people involved. Each topic is a short story on interesting facts about corporate pioneers, moments in history, how holidays all though the calendar year got their start, and more. We will even talk about some crazy laws across the country.

These are stories that you will be sharing with your friends.


Great for trivia buffs or people who want a quick history lesson. Each topic is written as a weekly letter, sent to you by Mr. J B Fact Finder who opens our eyes to stories that will make you stop, think, be surprised and amazed.. Good book worth a read.


Fun facts…fun to read

Great read! Very interesting and informative. I actually learned a lot of cool facts that I didn’t know before.

Great Read! Great Gift! I couldn’t stop reading because I needed to know more!

I didn’t know facts could be so cool.


Independent Author Network

The IAN Book of the Year Awards 2020 book of the year Finalist award.

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